Writer & Director
Emily Elizabeth Thomas

Anna Fredrikke Bjerke, Devin Tusa

Director of Photography
Nadia Gilbert

Stephania Dulowski

Edie Yvonne, Heather Kafka, Justin Arnold, Liam Booth

Country: USA
Language: English
Length: 15 minutes


LOLA: GIRL GOT A GUN is about a young girl searching for purpose and belonging in a conservative West Texas household. Will she become who her family wants her to be? Or will she become the bold and brave woman she desires to be? LOLA: GIRL GOT A GUN bares witness to a young and angelic girl who experiences the emotional weight of her mother’s abuse by her conservative NRA member father. The heaviness of the abuse permeates her home, and she searches for an outlet for her anger and fear. She feels that all is lost, until one day she wanders into her parents' room the morning after a particularly violent night. What she finds changes her worldview permanently: her father’s loaded pistol. She decides to keep it as her own, names it Lola, and paints it bubble gum pink. Now she has a secret of her own; the girl’s got a gun now – her very own defense – and nobody can take it away from her.

2018 - The Norwegian International Seagull Short Film Festival | FINALIST Best International Short
2018 - Victoria TX Film Festival | AWARD WINNER Crossroads Award for Directors on the Rise
2018 - Harlem International Film Festival
2018 - NewFilmmakers NY
2018 - Cannes Court Métrage
2018 - Marfa Film Festival
2018 - Nitehawk Short Film Festival
2018 - Key West Film Festival
2018 - Oslo Independent Film Festival | AWARD WINNER Best International Short
2019 - George Lindsey UNA Film Festival | FINALIST

24.10.2017 Condé Nast/VP Lauren Lumsden - Ludlow House, New York, NY
11.04.2018 Grønnskjerm Kortfilmvisning - Oslo, Norway
24.04.2018 NY Women in Film & Television - The Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY
29.04.2018 Foley Gallery - New York, NY
27.01.2019 Short Movie Event, Kulturhuset - Oslo, Norway